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Xbusta – Te Quiero (Remix) Ft. Singah & Jaywillz


Te Quiero (Remix) by Xbusta Ft. Singah & Jaywillz

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Xbusta – Xuper Xstar Xtatus (XXX) EP

Rapper, singer, and composer Xbusta is on the rise in Nigeria, and he has dropped the official remix to his blockbuster single “Te Quiero (Remix).”

He enlisted the help of Jaywillz, a well-known Nigerian R&B, Afropop, and Afrobeat artist, and Singah, a performer and composer for P Classic Records, to create this infectious tune.

This spectacular song is also included on his first extended playlist, “Xuper Xstar Xtatus (XXX),” which was just published.

Those who like high-quality music should include this original piece in their collections.

Listen and write down what you think it means.