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Uncle Waffles – Babiee Ft. Tony Duardo, Jelly Babie & Chley


Babiee by Uncle Waffles Ft. Tony Duardo, Jelly Babie & Chley

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Uncle Waffles – SLS Ft. Shakes, Les & Ghost

Multi-talented and brilliant South African DJ and chart-topping Uncle Waffles brings the party with her entrancing single “Babiee.”

She also praised the talents of such music icons as Tony Duardo, Jelly Babie, and Chley.

The song and entrancing vocals will draw in fans, while the words tell a heartfelt and poignant tale of love and yearning.

If you’re a fan of Uncle Waffles or any of the other artists involved, you won’t want to miss this fantastic duet.

In conclusion, this creative work deserves a spot on your collection if you like outstanding music.

Just listen and write down what you think in the comment section below!