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A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Remy Baggins – In My Bed

Now available on Southseid Music and Sony Music Entertainment West Africa streaming platforms is the new thrilling single “In My Bed” by Nigerian musician, performer, and recording artist Remy Baggins.

Remy’s multifaceted talent is displayed when he combines his songwriting, songs, and musical work abilities.

With four successful album releases and several partnerships, his latest offering, “In My Bed,” is his most anticipated work.

His millions of followers finally have an end to their musical hunger, but for Remy, the long road to releasing his album has just begun.

The song “In My Bed” by Neo-Afrobeats combines Hispanic snares with a modern melodic sound, and it might become popular among people all over the globe who identify as African.

Baggins expresses his desire to engage in extramarital sex and his sexual dreams for her through several musical compositions. TMXO, a Grammy nominee, has an excellent production team that mines these melodic deposits.

In conclusion, this creative work deserves a spot on your collection if you like outstanding music.

Quotable Lyrics:

Girl I have only you in my head
All I need is your body in my bed
Ooh ye ye yeah
Ooh ye ye yeah
All I need is your body in my bed

You be the one, you be the highest aha, mhm
Mhmm mhm
Girl your body is a madness aha

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