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Medikal – Cold & Trophies Ft. Sister Deborah


Cold & Trophies by Medikal Ft. Sister Deborah

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Medikal – Cold & Trophies Ft. Sister Deborah

Medikal, a legendary rapper from Ghana, has just unleashed a new original single called “Cold & Trophies,” and it’s already leading the charts.

He also marveled at the vocal abilities of Sister Deborah, a Ghanaian-Romanian TV host.

Like his former hit single “Ronaldo,” which is still aired often, this latest single serves as a follow-up.

Having worked for a considerable period in Medikal has established himself as a very skilled rapper and composer.

Last year, the album “Society EP,” which has the hit singles “Siri,” “Online,” “Wei,” and many more, completely blew his mind.

In conclusion, this unique piece deserves a spot on your playlist if you like fine music.

Just listen and write down what you think it means!



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