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Lady Du, Zuma & Busta 929 – Thula ft. Knowley-D


Thula by Lady Du, Zuma & Busta 929 , Knowley-D

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Lady Du, Zuma & Busta 929 – Thula ft. Knowley-D

Lady Du, a South African singer, performer, and composer, has become famous for her classic song “Thula,” which has exploded in popularity all over the world.

In the Amapiano classic “Thula,” South African music giants Zuma, the iconic performer/dancer Busta 929, and the excellent guitarist Knowley-D display their tremendous abilities.

The release of the smash song “Thula” has been eagerly anticipated by fans of amapiano music, and they won’t be let down.

In conclusion, you owe it to yourself to add this classic work to your library.