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Lady Du & T-Man SA – Phezulu Ft. Toss & Robot Boii


Phezulu by Lady Du & T-Man SA Ft. Toss & Robot Boii

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Lady Du & T-Man SA – Phezulu Ft. Toss & Robot Boii

Lady Du, a rapping and singing celebrity in South Africa, has teamed up with another music phenomenon in her home country, T-Man SA, on a new song called “Phezulu.”

Another person who has received too much admiration from her fans and her detractors is South African pop star, Lady Du.

She collaborated with the phenomenal composer Toss and the South African songwriter/singer Robot Boii to make this incredible smash hit.

You owe it to yourself, in the end, if you care about music at all, to have this landmark work in your collection.

Remember what you hear and write it down.