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Gen Uru – Oshimmiri Ft. Rudeboy, Sparkle Tee & Ifé


Oshimmiri by Gen Uru Ft. Rudeboy, Sparkle Tee & Ifé

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Gen Uru is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer. His song “Oshimmiri” has once again gotten a lot of attention from people who like it.

Nigerian artists Rudeboy, Sparkle Tee, and Ifé worked together on an album that came out in 2023. This album has a unique sound because Rudeboy, Sparkle Tee, and Ifé used their different skills.

The song “Oshimmiri,” which is the ninth track on the amazing 12-track project by the artist called “Worthy,” stands out in particular.

Fans and music lovers will be drawn to the song’s ability to combine catchy melodies and meaningful words in a way that works well together.

There comes a time when this high-quality new music is both a favorite that should be on your playlist and the kind of music that makes you happy instead of sad.

Lastly, listen to this and leave a review below!