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Gen Uru – 5 & 6 Ft. DanDizzy, Zanivibes & Acetune


5 & 6 by Gen Uru Ft. DanDizzy, Zanivibes & Acetune

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Gen Uru, a well-known Nigerian musician, just put out a new song called “5 & 6” that shows off his amazing skills as a singer-songwriter.

The fact that well-known artists DanDizzy, Zanivibes, and Acetune are part of this group effort makes the record even more unique.

“5 & 6” is the twelfth song on the highly anticipated album “Worthy,” and it stands out as a great song among the other eleven songs on the album.

This piece of music is likely to get a big response from its listeners because it has catchy rhythmic patterns and melodic themes that are easy to remember.

There comes a time when this high-quality new music is both a favorite that should be on your playlist and the kind of music that makes you happy instead of sad.

Lastly, listen to this and leave a review below!