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Bisa Kdei – Complete Man Ft. Camidoh (Video)


Complete Man (Video) by Bisa Kdei Ft. Camidoh

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Bisa Kdei – Complete Man Ft. Camidoh (Video)

Bisa Kdei, a Ghanaian native with considerable musical skill, has recently released the official music video for his chart-topping single “Complete Man.”

This song’s stunning lyric was written by Ghanaian singer and composer Camidoh.

In this heartfelt love ballad, the singer reflects on his former romantic experiences.

He remembers how her love had finished him off and how much he values their happy times together.

This track also appears on his earlier album, “Original,” which included some of his previous chart-topping songs.

It’s a fantastic music video that Yaw Skyface directed and filmed.

Check out the clip down below: