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Abbey Ojomu – We Behold (Qavah Anthem) Ft. Theophilus Sunday


We Behold (Qavah Anthem) by Abbey Ojomu Ft. Theophilus Sunday

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Able evangelical music performer and composer Abbey Ojomu has just put out a stirring new song called “We Behold (Qavah Anthem).”

“We Behold (Qavah Anthem)” is an inspiring hymn featuring the powerful vocals of Abbey Ojomu and uplifting lyrics.

As an added bonus, this spiritually uplifting disc features the gospel singing and playing of the legendary Theophilus Sunday.

At some point, this cutting-edge new music becomes the kind that actually lifts your spirits rather than lowering them.

Finally, please give it a listen and leave a comment with your thoughts.